Monday, 8 February 2016

Roses Are Red...

When it comes to Valentine's Day a romantic card and maybe some flowers do for me. I'm the kind of girl who appreciates a well written card, more time and thought goes into it. Not saying if I was showered with gifts I would hate it, but it's the little things I love. 

I always think of my mum on the approach to Valentines, Purely because she loves hearts. This is something I have inherited as I do too. So when browsing the shops this month I have been loving all the cute gifts revolving around Valentines. Who doesn't love a bit of pink?

A post on suggests five Valentine's Day candles as a gift "Because they last longer than flowers and are kinder to your figure than chocolate". I loved this, especially because I obsessed with candles recently.

It's the month of romance and also my birthday month so I have put together some lovely gifting ideas not only for your Valentine but for people who love hearts as much as I do. Feel free to purchase me a birthday present.

Happy Valentines



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