Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sunday Thrills

Sunday, is it a chill day? 
It is once the house chores are complete, along with a quick pop to the supermarket. My boyfriend and I also had the task of sawing the tree christmas down, which of course resulted in me having to hoover the entire living room.... great! 
Chilled evening? Finally.
Ran myself a hot bubbly bath, while my lovely boyfriend cooked us dinner. Quick note - now that we live together I've realised what a great team we make (cringe, sorry about that). 
So to really make myself feel chilled I put on my cosy frilly loungewear from Miss Pap, snuggled on the sofa, candles and Netflix. The perfect way to wind down and prepare for Monday.
Just need a tea in hand!

 Loungewear: Miss Pap


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