Tuesday, 22 August 2017

PomPom Hoops

Earrings? I haven't always been a big fan, day to day I would normally just wear my simple skull stud earrings. But recently I've been feeling adventurous.

I found these absolute babes from Zara and didn't have to think twice. They were mine!
And I haven't taken them off since buying them. (ok didn't wear them to sleep or in the shower)

They can change a simple outfit and can be worn day to night, 
who doesn't love a pompom. 


Thursday, 3 August 2017

White Frills

My boyfriend and I are off work this week so decided to kick start the Monday with a road trip to Oxford. Home of the University of Oxford, the architecture felt very grand and from what I read goes back to the Saxon times, Woah!
And whilst walking around one keen student kindly pointed out they call Cambridge "Lame-Bridge"
Wore this amazing white oversized t-shirt (as a dress) as I love the front frills on it, it's really cute on. Threw on my jacket of the moment, black boots and bag.
And that's my outfit, very mono.

I really wanted to row a boat, don't ask why. It's just something I've been wanting to do, but somehow we were convinced to try Punting. I wasn't really sure what it was at the start but there I was sat on a boat with my boyfriend steering it along with a metal pole. Impressed he didn't fall in as his balance is usually not great. So there I was acting like a princess, sat back enjoying my sandwich.
Whilst my boyfriend battled against low trees and ducks in the way.
If you have never tried Punting I do suggest it if you're up for a laugh. Added bonus if you can swim (just incase there are accidents)

We then found this really cool Bar/Restaurant/Art Galley called Jam Factory
It's very quirky, with people either working away on a laptop, catching up over a drink or walking around the art gallery. So if you're ever in Oxford, it's worth a visit.

T-Shirt: Here Similar
Punting: Here
Bar: Here

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